15 ways to download Youtube videos to your computer

How to Download YouTube Videos

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Found a favorite video on YouTube that you just have to have? There are dozens of tools at your disposal for downloading and converting YouTube videos.
Most of these resources no longer work because YouTube changed its hosting service protocol.
But, here’s a list, organized alphabetically, along with instructions on how to use the old programs that used to work. Those that say “Verified” are sites and programs that seem to be free of malware. Those that say “Unverified” either have an inconsistent success rate or may contain malware.
Note that many of these tools will no longer download the videos in .flv format, and unless you have an FLV player, you’ll need to convert the video. Some tools do this for you, or you can use a separate conversion tool.


Forinside.com (Verified)

  1. Go to http://www.forinside.com
  2. Copy the video url (Example: http://www.youtu . . . .)
  3. Paste the video url in the url box.
  4. Select format (AVI, DIVX/XVID, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, WMV, MP3, FLV, MOV, WAV). Click download.
    • This site can also convert local videos on your PC in the formats above.

Voobys (Verified)

  1. See How to Download YouTube Videos Using Voobys

TubeKeeper.com (Verified)

  1. Go to http://www.tubekeeper.com/
  2. Copy the Youtube Video Page URL (Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?…)
  3. Paste the URL to the textbox. The URL can be from YouTube, Metacafe, or Facebook video. Click “Download.” Be sure to click the small button to the right of the URL, not the big one below.
  4. Allow the java script to run.
  5. Click on the file type you’d like to download.

GrabandRun.com (Verified)

  1. Go to http://grabandrun.com/
  2. Search a Youtube Video or Copy a video url in the URL box
  3. Click on Loupe sign
    • If you don’t get taken to the download page right away, wait 10 seconds and then click “Continue to Grabandrun.com” in the upper righthand corner.
  4. Scroll down. Use the slider bars to choose a setting. Then, select the file type you want from the drop down menu in the lower right corner. Finally, click “Download.”
  5. Wait few seconds. Once the video is finished converting and downloading, a download button will appear in the middle of the page. Click on it to download your video!

KeepVid.com (Verified)

  1. Go to the website.
  2. When you get to the homepage, type in the URL you want.
  3. Hit the download button to the right of the URL. Don’t hit the one below the URL.
  4. Click “Allow” when the Java script dialogue pops up.
  5. Click on the format you’d like to download.

Mediaconverter.org (Verified)
This method can be used for MetaCafe, Veoh, Youtube and various portals.

  1. Go to www.mediaconverter.org
  2. Sign up for an account. This step is optional; you do not need to sign up if you’re satisfied with their free services. Be aware, though, that without signing up you’ll be unable to convert video larger than 100 MB.
  3. Click “Enter a Link.”
  4. Paste the URL into the box provided. Click “Ok.”
  5. Click “Go to the Next Step.” This will begin the downloading process.
  6. Select an output file type. Choose the desired output type from the drop down menu.
  7. Verify that you chose the correct file type. Then click “Start.”
  8. Wait for the download to finish.
  9. Click Download. Once the conversion has finished, you can click download.

ImTOO Download Youtube Video (Windows) (Unverified)

  1. Download the Windows freeware: www.sharewareguide.net/Audio-Multimedia/Rippers-Converters/imtoo-download-youtube-video.html
  2. Find a video clip.
  3. Copy/paste the YouTube video URL into the URL box.
  4. Choose a folder to save to
  5. Click OK.

Realplayer (Windows)(Unverified)

  1. This method will work on any video site without security(e.g.youtube.com).
  2. Download the program from: http://www.real.com/.
  3. Install the program and set it to show the “Download this Video” bar.
  4. Go to any video site without security and click the download bar OR right click on the video and click “Download this video to realplayer.
  5. You can also convert with the converter into most formats that are not H264 format(mp4, m4a) unless you have the “Plus” version (subscription).

Video Download Studio (Windows) (Unverified)

  1. Go to http://www.downloadvideos-convert.com/
  2. Enter the Link of the youtube video you want to download eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ydd5WGrDjE
  3. Click on submit, a download link will appear super fast.
  4. Click on that download link to download.
  5. After it has downloaded rename the get_video file as filename.flv eg evolution of dance.flv
  6. Open with an FLV player.

Jaksta.com (Unverified)
This is an application for which one must pay. However, there is a free demo available for limited time use.

  1. Go to http://www.jaksta.com/. Choose whether you’d like to download for Mac or Windows. Click “Free Demo” or Download, depending on your preference.
  2. Click download again. You will be directed to a new page that details system requirements for Jaksta. Verify that you forfill these requirements, then click “Download.”
  3. Install Jaksta.
  4. Open the program while you’re playing a YouTube video. Download should start automatically.

Free YouTube Download (Windows) (Unverified)

  1. Download the software. This software will only work on Windows.
  2. Copy the URL from YouTube.
    • Besides downloading a single clip the program lets to download collections of videos, like the following ones: complete playlists and show lists, video from YouTube charts, video responses, users’ channels, users’ favourites, embedded YouTube videos from different websites, Top YouTube video lists from different websites, etc.
  3. Paste the video URL.
  4. Select the output location.
  5. Select output format preset (AVI, FLV, MP4).
  6. Click download.

WeAdd.net (Unverified)

  1. See How to Download YouTube Videos Using WeAdd.net

Youtube-Downloader-Online.com (Unverified)

  1. This method can be used form any online service such as youtue etc. YouTube-downloader-online.com is one of the last working youtube downloaders that does not require you to install software.
  2. Go to youtube-downloader-online.com
  3. Copy-and-paste a YouTube video URL (example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dXP2GdqYCOM) into the form and hit “Download
  4. If it’s your first-time, a warning box may pop-up – just select “Run” to continue. This is perfectly safe and will not install any software.
  5. A list of download links will appear. Right-click on the format you want and select “Save As…” to start your download.

Zex.czc (Unverified)

  1. Go to http://downloader.zex.cz
  2. Copy the video url (Youtube.com, Video.google.com, Redtube.com, …)
  3. Paste the video url in the url box. Click “Generuj link.”
  4. Click “Klikněte zde pro stažení…” for download, save the file.

DeskShare Digital Media Converter Pro (Unverified)

  1. Download the software: http://jafiles.net/0hF874.
  2. Copy the URL from YouTube
  3. Put the URL into the YouTube URL box.
  4. Click on the Add button. You can add multiple URLs.
  5. Choose a folder to save to.
  6. Press the “Change” button to select the output file format.
  7. Click Next to start the download and conversion process.


  • Finding a music video and downloading it as a .mp3 will result in music file. However, music videos on YouTube usually have a 15-20 second empty period at the beginning to list the band, studio, and other information. The music may also not be the best quality because it’s from a video, not a CD.
  • If you need lots of videos, you can run multiple downloads at the same time. Just be forewarned that this will a cause slower running of things.
  • Be patient! Even a one minute video may take two to three minutes. A computer with a good connection and plenty of space should run at a good pace though.
  • You may consider other third-party software if you prefer, such as macx video converter pro etc

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