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Affordable Audio Mastering album cd mixtape single company prices paypalAs you may or may not know I have been a professional audio mastering engineer since 2006. I offer low rates for high quality service. The official site is but I’m going to give you a rundown about what I can do for you below.

Whether it’s a demo to be sent out to record labels, an album, a website, a single, a mixtape or any other project that needs high quality sound. You need to get it mastered in order to stand out above the competition.

This day and age when there are a million artists out there doing independent music in home and pro studios you need to stand out by mastering your music to achieve that high quality commercial sound. I will exceed your expectations and make sure your music sounds the way that it should sound with my sonic expertise. Read below as I have answered some common questions. Still have questions? Email

Frequently Asked Questions about my services:

What will you do for my music?
I will apply the following (if needed): EQ, Loudness Maximizer, Mastering Reverb, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Multiband Dynamics, and Multiband Stereo Imager. All of these things alone or put together in any combination with my know how will make your track sound like your signed to a major label. Although I cannot fix a “bad mix” so be sure you have your song mixed properly before sending it.

How do I prepare my music to be mastered?
Be sure to not apply any post production such as normalizing or compression on the final song. It is best if you send me the final mix with no post production what so ever. Also it is best if you can get your maximum levels between -6db to -16db, that leaves me plenty of headroom and I will not have to reduce the volume before I begin. Look at the image below to understand what headroom is. It shows what a song looks like at -6 decibels compared to a song that is maxed out at 0 decibels. You can send your music as the following formats: WAV or MP3.

audio mastering cd album mixtape headroom single song

Where do I need to send my music?
Send your music to If your getting a whole CD mastered (album, mixtape, EP, etc.) you need to send the songs to me individually DO NOT ZIP THEM UP and send them as one huge file. The fastest most efficient way to do this is with the Sendspace Wizard from

Do you offer a FREE SAMPLE?
Yes of course I do! If you would like to get a sample before you buy send your song to What I will do is master your track and send you back a clip. It will have both the original part and the mastered part on it. So that you can hear what I can do for your music.

What kind of payment do you accept?
I currently accept Paypal, Western Union, and Moneygram as forms of payment. If you wish to pay for mastering services email for information on how to pay for services (serious inquiries only).

How long is the turnaround?
On average I get masters back to the customer from 1 to 3 days. If I run into problems it can take slightly longer.

What does mastering do for me and my music in the long run?
By having your song, album, demo, or mixtape mastered your music will sound professional and could lead to a record deal or higher cd, mp3, and ringtone sales. Your music is your art and you need to put it out there with top notch quality. I’m here to help out struggling musicians that don’t have $50 or more to get one song mastered. Contact me today and get your music professionally mastered for an unbeatable price!

A little background about Underground Mastermind:
UGM aka Russ Tafari has been producing music since around 1997. He has produced and engineered for a lot of underground artists over the years. He was chosen by several underground labels to work his magic due to his dedication and amazing track record. He has worked with several rap groups and solo hip hop artists, but don’t let that fool you he has also worked in the genres of heavy metal, punk rock, ballad rock, industrial, trance, drum n bass, and several cross genre experiments. Underground Mastermind will work hard to sonically enhance your music. So don’t delay and get your music mastered professionally today!

You have found us your online audio mastering studio! We are glad you stopped by and hope you choose us to master your project! Audio mastering online, audio mastering services, audio mastering techniques, free audio mastering sample, digital audio mastering, what is audio mastering, cd audio mastering, audio mastering rates.


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