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How to extract a Seagate Backup Plus Slim Hard Drive

I wanted to upgrade my PS4 by putting a new hard drive into it. After some research I found out that you can use a external hard drive as long as it has the right requirements. I discovered that the

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Android Easter Egg works with any version

Android easter egg jellybean kit kat ice cream sandwich gingerbread

I recently discovered a cool easter egg that you can do with any Android device with any version of Android. Go to settings, then to about device, then click Android version 5 or more times for a cool little surprise.

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Google Self Driving Car | The future is here! Video

Google driverless self driving car video 2012

I have been following the awesome news about the self driving Google cars since I would hope to see this day in my lifetime. I can’t help but to think about movies like Demolition Man with the self driving cars

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Samsung 5300 Smart TV Best Picture Settings

Samsung 5300 smart tv picture settings

I recently purchased a Samsung 5300 smart TV the official model number is UN32EH5300 or just 5300 for short. I did a little digging and found the best picture settings to get the most out of your TV. I have

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Virtual Supermarket in South Korea

home plus virtual subway store

I looks like the folks in South Korea have figured out that the future is now by installing virtual supermarkets created by Home plus. It’s almost like watching the Jetsons… almost. You scan the QR code with your smart phone

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Universal Hovercraft UH 19XRW Hoverwing Ground Effect Vehicle

Just discovered the UH 19XRW Hoverwing a hovercraft that actually resembles a airplane rather than a hovering vehicle. Word is that it can get up to 75MPH and can jump over obstacles. Watch the video below. “Universal Hovercraft is proud

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