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Music Production Beat Making Video 3 Drum n Bass

On the third installment of my beat making videos I went in and made a dnb track for you. I messed up and actually wasn’t even recording at the beginning of it sorry about that but the rest of the

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How to sidechain in FL Studio with the Peak Controller tutorial

A very useful tip is the use of sidechaining when you are creating your song. Now sidechaining can be used for many different things but one of the most popular ways to use it is to sidechain the kick and

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Company of Heroes 2 – RTS Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer rts video games

Company of Heroes 2 struck my interest with the recent footage of multiplayer gameplay. I’ve always loved war games and RTS games hold a place in my heart after playing countless hours of old school Command & Conquer. I’m not

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Hip Hop Beat Making video #1

Ok so I got an idea to start doing beat making videos since I am a music producer and have been making music for many many years! These videos will be a window into my production workflow so you can

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Brotha Lynch Hung “Krocadil” Horrorcore Rap Music Video

I’m not that big of a fan of Brotha Lynch Hung but I do have major respect for him for being a forefather of the horrorcore rap genre and is still pushing out that evil shit. Anyway he dropped a

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The Elder Scrolls Online “The Alliances” Cinematic Trailer

This trailer for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online game is so damn epic it gives me chills. I would watch a movie of this if they made it forget about the game. Check it out below. The Elder Scrolls Online

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The ABCs of Death Epic Horror Movie Trailer

The ABCs of Death horror movie trailer

Stumbled across this trailer for an upcoming horror movie “The ABCs of Death” and I can say that I don’t think I have been as excited for a movie like this in a long time! It looks absolutely fantastic and

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Top 3 Underground Hip Hop Music Videos – December 2012

Matic "Before I wake" Top 3 underground hip hop

As you may or may not know I am the curator of music over at GiveMusicTo.Us. What that means is I go through many many submissions and pick what I think is feature material. Here are three underground hip hop

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Google Self Driving Car | The future is here! Video

Google driverless self driving car video 2012

I have been following the awesome news about the self driving Google cars since I would hope to see this day in my lifetime. I can’t help but to think about movies like Demolition Man with the self driving cars

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