Grand Theft Auto V Online Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V Online gameplay GTA 5 videoIt’s here! GTA Online is upon us finally and I must say it is truly incredible! The game is a lot of fun just going around killing people, or doing missions, or deathmatches, and races! There is so much to do in the online mode and from what I understand Rockstar will be adding more and more as time goes on. You start off by creating your character then you go out and get a car. This part is really important because the car you choose is going to be your personal vehicle after you mod it with a gps tracker. I originally had some little economy car until I found this information out and decided to go with the Dominator (which is the same as a real world mustang). After that you can basically do what you want! As you level up you unlock stuff like guns, car mods, missions, clothes, tattoos, haircuts, and whatnot. I have been documenting my gameplay that you can watch on the playlist below.

Grand Theft Auto Online Gameplay


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