How to make fast money in Battlefield Hardline video

How to make fast money in Battlefield Hardline Hotwire modeI have been playing the hell out of Battlefield Hardline ever since the beta came out. When it was officially released I had to go pick it up because I fell in love with the game. Anyway after playing for a while I asked myself how in the hell do I make more money in this game so I can buy weapons and other upgrades?!? I did some research and figured out how to not only make $50,000 to $100,000 a match but also how to get first place and the MVP coin 98% of the time. It’s really simple if you follow the steps below you will have enough money to buy whatever you want in the game. Also I have included a video at the bottom of this article.

4 easy steps to making lots of money in Battlefield Hardline

  1. Play the Hotwire game mode.
  2. Be the mechanic.
  3. Get to or spawn into a Hotwire car.
  4. Ride around and repair the vehicle.

Here is a video showing exactly how it is done


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