How to make over a billion dollars in Grand Theft Auto V

If you want to know how the make the big bucks in Grand Theft Auto 5 and by big bucks I mean over a billion dollars with each character this is how you do it. It involves playing the stock market at just the right times and holding out on buying expensive properties until later in the game. Ok let’s get to it.

After the first Lester heist mission (Jewelery store robbery) do not do any more Lester missions until the rest of the main story is complete. The reasoning behind this is so that you can go into those assassination missions with max money to invest in the stock market. Try to spend as little money as possible. It’s cool to buy some guns and armor but don’t go crazy and buy up properties and trick out cars.

After you beat the main story go do the Lester assassination missions. I’m going to tell you what to invest in before each mission and be sure to switch to each character and invest ALL of their money into the stock before initiating the mission (you can’t switch characters once a mission is initiated).

  1. First mission invest in Beta Pharmaceuticals on BawSaq. Stock should peak at 80% or higher.
  2. Second mission invest in Debonair on LCN.
  3. Third mission invest in iFruit on BawSaq.
  4. After completing the fourth mission invest in Vapid.
  5. Fifth mission invest in Gold Coast Construction.

Another tip to get some extra cash is to invest in Redwood after selling your Debonair stock. You can also listen to talk radio for stock tips.

Hope this helps you! I’ve heard of a couple people breaking 3 billion in the game.


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