Killing stuff in Skyrim part 1

Killing a giant in Skyrim xbox 360I recently purchased some game capture hardware from Elgato and now I will be making a ton of gameplay videos showing various cool stuff in many video games. My first series is all about killing stuff in Skyrim! Check out the videos below.

Killing a giant in Skyrim

I remember once upon a time when these pesky giants use to bash me and knock me 800 feet into the sky. Oh those days were fun.

Killing a snowy sabre cat in Skyrim

This was a nice little battle with a snowy sabre cat. Lydia got it’s attention and I gave it the ol one two.

Killing a snow bear in Skyrim

This snow bear gave me a run for my money and I thought for a split second it was going to kill me. Luckily I keep the health potions on deck.

Killing frostbite spiders in Skyrim

These spiders were pretty easy to kill but I went all Chuck Norris on them with the finishing moves.


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