KTC demo “Peeping Tom” new music featuring Russ Tafari and Rewind

You may or may not know that way back in 2009 I started a new rap group with my good friend Rewind Montana that was originally called K-Town Clique. Then after we left Tennessee we changed the name to Kill The Captain and we have since changed it once again to Kamikaze Terror Cinema. Really anything that fits the letters KTC is good. After all we are KTC. We have been through a lot of shit since 2009 traveled across the country, gotten all of our beats stolen, so on and so forth. Now we are out in Los Angeles and have started once again working on new music for the project. We have made a demo song available for streaming so everyone can hear what we have to showcase. Even though the track is simply a demo and we used unconventional recording techniques we are receiving great feedback. The song is called “Peeping Tom” produced by Underground Mastermind Productions (my producer alias). Listen to “Peeping Tom” below and show us love or hate either way we want your feedback! You can also hit us up on Twitter @ktc187


Lyrics to Peeping Tom by KTC

Sittin’ in the park I’m high as fuck/
I see a mattress but I ain’t got a truck/
so I pick it up strap it to my back/
grab some ropes that were down in my pack/
now if I’m walkin’ if I fall I can sleep/
on the wet slab where vagina seeped/
mattress on my back starring at you like a creep/
down in the bushes where the maggots meet/
I was laying there naked when I caught her eye/
got a lil hungry ate the mayor’s thigh/
people running screamin’ like a zombie panic/
cut a few throats with the knife I brandish/
biting chewin’ spillin’ guts I’m savage/
I’m a gore freak now my life is lavish/
I go hard grinding I got blood in my teeth/
if you don’t follow this then fuck your beliefs/

I am a peeping tom

Amazing sick thoughts goin’ through my head/
I like to see’em naked alive or dead/
watch me make a mockery of standard life/
fist fuck a bitch replace her dildo with a knife/
blood splash oh damn cookies on the dash/
crack in the windshield where that bitches head got smashed/
metal bent and roll I just watched it crash/
climb down the tree some yuppies just passed/
lit up the blunt then I flicked off the ash/
I lick my lips and list at these girls plump ass/
jump out the bush and lunge and that vag/
half man half horse I pound like a sag/
hoofs in the air I jump with the sheep/
I choke it and fuck it while it is asleep/
a spaceship came by and picked me up/

I am a peeping tom


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