Learning to program using the Python language

Learning to program with Python tutorialSo I decided I wanted to learn how to do programming and after a lot of research I realized Python would be the language I would start with. If your wondering why I chose Python over the many many other languages out there it’s because the syntax is clean and easy to read plus you can make not only web applications but also stand alone apps and games with this powerful language. Some big sites and apps that run on the Python language are Quora, Reddit, Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Youtube, and many more. As you can see some of the biggest names are using Python as their go to language.

Now on to learning the language.. It’s actually really easy to get started learning the basics of Python with a few FREE resources on the internet. Check out the sites below.

  • Learn Python the Hard Way Don’t let the title fool you this is the most recommended resource for people that want to learn Python. The reason it’s the hard way is because there are a lot of exercises and a lot of repetition, but what better way to learn than to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
  • Think Python: How to think like a computer scientist This is another resource that gets recommended a lot. This one is actually the one that I started with because it goes over a lot of the basics and terms to someone that has absolutely no programming experience.
  • Invent with Python: Learn to program by making computer games This one peaked my interest since I am really into video games. I haven’t checked it out yet but it was recommended, so when I finish the above two I will begin this one.
  • Google’s Python Class The folks over at Google have a Python class that you can attend for free and learn Python.
  • Dive into Python This is where you want to go after you learn all the basics of Python as it is more advanced.
  • The official Python website There is droves of information on the Python website including tutorials.

Well that’s basically it. I’m on my way to being a bigger nerd and you can too! After I learn Python and have a few apps under my belt I’m going to learn Java and C++.



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