Razer Deathadder middle mouse click not working quick fix!

For some reason the middle click button on my Razer Deathadder Elite mouse wasn’t working and I figured out why! If your isn’t working either watch the short video below for a quick fix!

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Headset mic not working in PUBG quick FIX!

If you aren’t able to get your headset mic working in PUBG or other games like I was I have a super quick fix for you! I have created a short video below showing you exactly how to get it working fast!

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How to loop a Youtube video easily on a computer!

If you ever wondered if it was even possible to loop a Youtube video without doing any crazy stuff like downloading browser extensions to do so I have the answer for you! Well yes it is possible to loop a Youtube video easily right inside of Youtube! I have created a short video showing you exactly how to do it below!

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Sceptre 50 inch TV Best Picture Settings X505BV-FSR

I recently calibrated a┬áSceptre X505BV-FSR 50 inch 1080p television and made a video show the best picture settings for that particular model. I used the Disney WOW home theater calibration disc to get my results. I’m really happy with the picture that I am getting out of this tv so you should enjoy it too!

Sceptre X505BV-FSR Picture Settings

Brightness – 52
Contrast – 48
Color – 52
Tint – 0
Sharpness – 15
MEMC Settings – On

Sceptre 50 inch tv review

I also did a quick review video for this television if you want to check that out below!

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Smiling Demon Overlord Merch Now Available!

GWAN Demon Overlord T shirt Black available on Amazon

I drew a picture of a demon about 10 years ago and only recently digitized it and made it available on some dope high quality clothing items! I am launching my own clothing company called “The Gang without a Name” and will have lots more of my original artwork available on apparel soon! If you want to keep up with what is available as soon as it is released please go like The Gang without a Name Facebook page and follow GWAN on Instagram!

The original demon sketch

This is the original artwork that was drawn by me somewhere around 2008. I was living in a shithole apartment in Kingsport, TN at the time. I drew a lot of stuff back then mostly due to boredom.Original Demon Sketch by Russ Tafari

Russ Tafari rocking the Demon Hoodie

Here I am rocking the demon hoodie. I must say it is nice!

Russ Tafari rocking the GWAN Demon Hoodie

Demon Merch available on Amazon.com

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