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How to Get in the Rap Game

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Breaking into the rap community and making a name for yourself requires hard work, as follows.


  1. Practice, everyday all day. Here you will need to train your brain to rhyme. Try it when you’re walking down the street or driving in your car. Rap about the things you see around you. If you don’t make sense at first or hesitate, just keep going. Try rhyming about what you’re doing or where you’re going. After about 30 minutes, you will surprise yourself at what you can come up with.
  2. Join an online battle forum where members can give you feedback and help you improve.
  3. Listen to rap music. Try listening to different types and styles of rap music. Then try and find your own style.
  4. Have contests with your friends to see who can freestyle the longest without stopping.
  5. Download instrumental beats and try rapping over them. If you do these things daily, you will become a freestyle rapper in no time
  6. 1.Think of a subject to help start off your rap, like how you can’t be messed with, etc. Example: “If you’re going to mess with me, you better realize that it’s not free, because I can easily rob you off your glee, messing with me has a fee.”
  7. Make sure the intro to your verse is strong. Set yourself up for a good rhyme scheme. Example: Man, it’s strong palm down ,punch’em get ’em strong man. Girls you too but you’ve never heard a girl put it down like this, kill for.
  8. Create a good rhyme scheme. You don’t always need one, but it helps! It helps the flow sound more enjoyable. Example: 50 cent has a bounce flow, up and down, Jay-Z Flow goes side to side. This is important if you’re making hits.
  9. Notice that most rappers use multi-rhymes (Example: Kill For, Still Roll).Put these at the end line after each bar and see how hot your raps turn out. Count the syllables.
  10. Let some of your friends read it. Get their opinions, and if they have any suggestions write them down. (Get at least three friends’ opinions). When you get back to your writing area, redo the song with the suggestions from your friends and then go over it and make sure that the changes keep the flow.


  • Freestyle rap strengthens your mind. Your mind is a muscle and by forcing it to think and come up with rhymes on the spot, it gets a “work out” and becomes stronger. The longer you keep at it the better you will be. Think of it as weight lifting for your muscles, the first day at the gym you can only do a few reps, but in a month you can push out those reps no problem and have already moved on to bigger weights
  • Write the chorus in a way that makes the listener really want to hear more of the song, but make sure the chorus goes with the verses.
  • If you’re unsure about rapping your own rap, ask someone else who could rap your rap for you.
  • Deciding the title isn’t really that big of a deal, but try to make it something out of the chorus.
  • If you want you can even have your friends in your song to have more variety of lyrics.
  • Get a good book on writing lyrics, get some ideas from those.
  • Be real – rapping about your own life gives the song credibility.
  • Usually rap songs have at least two to three verses, but as long as your song makes the point you’re trying to convey and is, in your opinion, length doesn’t really matter.
  • If you ever have songwriters’ block, listening to a couple of rap tunes can help give you fresh ideas.
  • Rapping does not have to be written, many rappers can also freestyle
  • Freestyling on a good rhythm can also let you jump into new ideas,and listening to other rappers rap can also give you inspiration too.
  • Keep your rap original. Don’t copy someone else’s style.


  • Everyone has seen Nycks vs ENJ and Math vs Dose. There is nothing wrong with dissin, Freestyling is supposed to be a fun time for all, and yes, things get heated. Respect a persons space. Don’t get in someones face, and spit at them and expect to walk away ok. Because 9 times out of 10, you are going to get punched.
  • Don’t drop names. It’s as simple as that. You drop a name, you are going to start trouble. Unless you are with friends who can take a diss. Name Dropping will get you stomped.
  • Freestyle battles are meant to be a fun thing, in which the “disses” are not to be taken seriously or personally.
  • Don’t make things to personal, talk about things that are visible, like some ugly shoes, and stay relevant
  • You can make up things in your lyrics, but make sure they don’t single out any one specific person or group of persons.
  • Yet, at the same time, do not censor yourself or limit the potential of your expression because you’re afraid of offending someone. In other words, if your going to say something with impact, it had better possess some sort of meaning or otherwise you will just be spitting out mindless hatred.
  • Don’t get upset just because some people don’t like your raps. Other people will probably like it, and, in most cases, there will be more lovers than haters.

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  • pen paper beats

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