Sceptre 50 inch 1080p TV Review Questions Answered

Sceptre 50 inch tv review questions answered

In this video I am answering a bunch of questions about the Sceptre 50 inch 1080p TV model number X505BV-FSR. Also you can find my review here!  and my best picture settings video here!

Q1: What is the refresh rate?
Q2: What is the size of the wall mount?
Q3: Does it have apps or wifi?
Q4: Can I connect my phone to the tv?
Q5: How is the quality of the remote control?
Q6: Is there a coaxial or antenna input?
Q7: How do you get the best sound out of this tv?
Q8: How would I rate the sound, video, and normal functionality?
Q9 Bonus Question: How do I rip DVD and Blu-Ray discs?

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