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Gaming Dad shirts now available on Etsy!

I just launched my Etsy store and the first product I have available is a Gaming Dads t-shirt! If you would like to check them out in more detail or purchase one you can get one here! They are available

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Russ Tafari “Cannibal Sessions” now available on all digital outlets!

It’s been a long time coming but yes I finally put my music up on all the major digital outlets! I put it out in a release that I called “Cannibal Sessions” that consists of 13 of your favorite tracks

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Virtual Supermarket in South Korea

home plus virtual subway store

I looks like the folks in South Korea have figured out that the future is now by installing virtual supermarkets created by Home plus. It’s almost like watching the Jetsons… almost. You scan the QR code with your smart phone

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