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Underground Mastermind Beat Making Video 5

This is the fifth installment in the Underground Mastermind beat making video series. I used FL Studio 10 and Propellerhead Reason 5 rewired together to make this hip hop instrumental. I got a little lazy on this one and didn’t

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Inside the Bentley automobile factory | Motor Trend’s “The Downshift” video

On this episode of The Downshift from Motor Trend, they take us into Bentley’s landmark factory in Crewe, where engineers, mechanics and artisans have been designing, building and sculpting Rolls Royce and Bentley motors and vehicles for over 70 years.

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RTVLOG #3 – “High Times” Freeverse

RTVLOG #3 High Times Freeverse

My latest vlog entry. I spit a verse from a song called “High Times” that never got recorded. Written in 2009. The beat in the video was made by me under my producer alias Underground Mastermind. I truly appreciate all

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How to sidechain in FL Studio with the Peak Controller tutorial

A very useful tip is the use of sidechaining when you are creating your song. Now sidechaining can be used for many different things but one of the most popular ways to use it is to sidechain the kick and

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Hennessey Venom GT beats out the Bugatti Veyron as world’s fastest car

Hennessey Venom GT breaks the world speed record

So this is pretty big news that the Hennessey Venom GT recently just beat out the Bugatti Veyron as the world’s fastest production car! The Hennessey is a American made car so GO ‘MURICA lol. Anyway they clocked in at

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Samsung 5300 Smart TV Best Picture Settings

Samsung 5300 smart tv picture settings

I recently purchased a Samsung 5300 smart TV the official model number is UN32EH5300 or just 5300 for short. I did a little digging and found the best picture settings to get the most out of your TV. I have

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The Vision SZR Rare Custom Super Car! $350,000

Vision SZR sports car orange lambo doors

This Vision SZR car looks pretty damn awesome! Zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds and they say newer versions will be even faster. They also mention that they will only be making a few cars a year with the hefty

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Steven Jo “You robbed me” & “Drunk” Prank Videos

Steven Jo prank videos you robbed me drunk 2012 comedy

Steven Jo cracks me up with his prank videos! I would like to share with you two of the many prank videos he has released on Youtube. The first one is called “You robbed me” where Steven Jo goes around

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Man eats cyanide in courtroom after guily verdict | Suicide Video

Michael Marin courtroom suicide video

Whoa this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this! “A horrified court room looked on today as a man who had just been convicted of burning down his $3.5 million mansion collapsed and died in front

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