The Goon upcoming animated film from Blur Studios

The Goon trailer animated feature from Blur StudiosI was checking out some stuff on Reddit today and found this awesome animation studio called Blur Studios. What really peaked my attention was a demo reel that they released showcasing what they can do. This is quite possibly some of the best looking animation that I have ever seen! I have included the demo reel below so you can check it out.

After digging further I found out that they are making a feature length film called “The Goon” and I’m guessing it’s about a zombie apocalypse from watching the trailer. The only thing that bothers me about it is that the main character’s eyes are pure white and that is kind of strange but the comedy makes up for it. Watch the trailer for “The Goon” below.

Blur Studios ran a kickstarter to make “The Goon” and surpassed the $400,000 they were trying to reach. After doing even more research I found out that Blur Studios actually does the animation for a lot of stuff you and I have already seen (like video game trailers and what not). Here is a link to a listing of all their past work.


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