The Russ Tafari Link List – Connect to this rapper and music producer based out of LA!


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General Links to Russ Tafari
 – Russ Tafari’s personal Google+ profile. Add me to your circles!
Facebook – Russ Tafari’s personal Facebook profile. Add me as a friend! Let’s network!
Twitter (@Russ_Tafari) – Russ Tafari’s personal Twitter account.
Reverbnation – My Reverbnation profile allows you to become a fan of my music and join my street team. If you have your own website you can even add a Russ Tafari widget to it!
Soundcloud – An ever changing collection of songs, beats, and other sounds from Russ Tafari.
Youtube Channel – Russ Tafari’s main video channel with various types of entertaining videos. Music videos, behind the scenes, hanging out, events, etc… Be sure and subscribe to the channel to know when new videos come out!
Russ Tafari Gaming Youtube Channel – My Youtube channel that is dedicated to video games and gaming.
Twitch Channel – Here is where you can watch me live stream video games.
Instagram – RussTafari420 is my Instagram handle.

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Facebook Pages – Go hit the “like” button on these pages to stay updated!
Russ Tafari (Official Music Page) – The original Facebook fan page for Russ Tafari.
The second Russ Tafari fan page – This second Russ Tafari page was created to have one that didn’t have (Official Music Page) in the title.
Russ Tafari’s World of Horror fan page – As you may or may not know Russ Tafari is a huge fan of anything related to horror. This is the page where I share cool horror movie, horror game, and horrorcore music related stuff.
Underground Mastermind Productions (UGMP) – This is my producer alias. Check it out for dope beats from me!
The Gang Without A Name – I tag this page a lot! Are you down with GWAN??
GiveMusicTo.Us page – The page I manage for a growing indie music website!
Underground Assault The Mixtape page – This is a mixtape series presented by GiveMusicTo.Us and featuring some of the best indie hip hop artists from around the world. Download the mixtapes for free here! – The Facebook page for the audio mastering business I own. Hit me up for great rates and professional audio mastering services!