Top 10 Russ Tafari Rap Videos and Songs

1. “I Want It All” has got to be my most HATED song ever! I don’t know why, the lyrics are brutal!

2. “Cannibal Mix Part 1” is a mix compiled from some of my verses that were on TBL songs (My old rap group).

3. “Destination” featuring my long time friend Austin Vomit R.I.P.

4. “Everyday’s Halloween” in my world!

5. I would have figured that “Snort That” would have the most views considering it was always a crowd favorite at live shows, but that just goes to show you that haters watch you more than the fans do!

6. This is me spitting my verse from Kamikaze Terror Cinema song “High Times”. KTC is my new rap group! Woot!

7. “Die With Me” or you could just watch this cool slideshow I made to one of my unfinished songs from the past.

8. “King of K-Town” featuring Insiniak. I was putting it down for East Tennessee on this track I recorded in 2005.

9. A super long shoutout video I made to show love to the people that have showed love to me in the past!

10. 357 is tha business! Short songs are fun!

If you dig the music download my 25 song album “HISTORY” from my Bandcamp page.

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