Underground Mastermind Hip Hop Beat Making Video 13

Underground Mastermind hip hop beat making video 13Oh yeah it’s been a minute since the last beat making video so I just had to do a new one! Up to video number 13 now, slowly but surely I will have many many more! Each one is a progression. Why do I say that? Because making music is just like everything else you get better each time you do it. Even though I have been making beats since the late 90’s I still get better and I still learn new techniques. Anyway on this video I got back into cutting between the screen capture of the music software and me playing the keyboard. I think this makes for a better video because you can actually see me playing the keys. Even though it’s only on a little Akai LPK 25 keyboard you still get the idea. I really need to get me a keyboard with full sized keys one of these days! Those itty bitty keys are just too small. Ok without further a due the video is below check it out and thanks for watching! You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here.


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