Dead Island gameplay with commentary

Russ Tafari plays Dead Island with commentary xbox 360I just recorded my first Dead Island gameplay video with commentary on it. I have a few Dead Island gameplay videos uploaded already but this is the first one that I did a commentary on! Check it out below and leave a comment!

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Max Payne 3 | Video Review

Max Payne 3 hands on video review Tara Long TekzillaTekzilla’s Tara Long reviews Max Payne 3 that just came out today. By the way Tara is pretty hot for a gamer chick! Watch the video below.

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Stranglehold gameplay with commentary for the Xbox 360

Russ Tafari plays John Woo's Stranglehold xbox 360I have been doing commentary videos on a older game called “John Woo’s Stranglehold” which is like come crazy kung fu gun action shit. The character dives around all over the place and it’s pretty entertaining. Check out the playlist below.

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Want to make some money online? Check out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Russ Tafari money cash flow

amazon mechanical turk mturkSo I discovered Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (Mturk for short) as a way to make some extra money. All you do is surveys and the pay amounts for each survey differs based on how much the requester wants to pay. I usually stick to the surveys that pay 10 cents a minute or more. You can make some pretty good money if you have the time to put into it. I put in about 20 minutes a day and make right around $5 a day so it’s not too bad. There is a 24 approval period when you put in your application. They will get back to you and say whether or not you are approved then you can start turking away! When you first get approved there will be a 10 day period where your payments will not show up in your Amazon payments account but after that they will all hit at once and it’s all gravy baby! I believe in those 10 days you are limited to 100 hits a day (hell I’ve never done that many in a day so it shouldn’t be much of a problem).

A site I use to find the best hits (that pay 10 cents a minute or more) is actually a subreddit on reddit called HitsWorthTURKingFor. I basically only do hits posted there. There are a few other resources but I don’t use any of them because they are way too clutter up and HitsWorthTURKingFor is straight to the point with no BS.

I just though I would share that with my readers! Enjoy!

Russ Tafari money cash flow

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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgivingI just wanted to make a little post wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving! It is hard to believe that this time last year I was homeless living on the streets! I am thankful to have a place to live, a job, and being able to do what I love! This has been a great year as I have been off the streets since January 19th, 2013. I was homeless for 5 years and it was very rough, but it was a learning experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am a better person because of it and my hustle game is on lock. I’m currently living just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana but will be going back to Los Angeles (hopefully) within a year from now.

Since there really isn’t much to this post I decided to include two of my latest GTA Online gameplay commentary videos. Please check them out below and don’t be scared to share them if you like them. Thank you!

Russ Tafari plays GTA Online with commentary 1

Russ Tafari plays GTA Online with commentary 2

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Grand Theft Auto V Online Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V Online gameplay GTA 5 video

Grand Theft Auto V Online gameplay GTA 5 videoIt’s here! GTA Online is upon us finally and I must say it is truly incredible! The game is a lot of fun just going around killing people, or doing missions, or deathmatches, and races! There is so much to do in the online mode and from what I understand Rockstar will be adding more and more as time goes on. You start off by creating your character then you go out and get a car. This part is really important because the car you choose is going to be your personal vehicle after you mod it with a gps tracker. I originally had some little economy car until I found this information out and decided to go with the Dominator (which is the same as a real world mustang). After that you can basically do what you want! As you level up you unlock stuff like guns, car mods, missions, clothes, tattoos, haircuts, and whatnot. I have been documenting my gameplay that you can watch on the playlist below.

Grand Theft Auto Online Gameplay

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Grand Theft Auto V and what’s coming update

Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 make money stock market billion dollars

Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 update Russ Tafari Gaming YoutubeOk what’s up everybody? I thought I would do a little update as I’m waiting on my copy of GTA 5 to arrive. What I will be doing gameplay video wise is 3 new playlists on the gaming channel. One will be a walkthrough/playthrough playlist, one will be a free roam playlist, and the last one will be a GTA Online playlist (when GTA online begins on October 1st, 2013). For those of you that already have the game due to going to a midnight release in am jealous right now because I am dying to play! Anyway go subscribe to Russ Tafari Gaming on Youtube for these and future gaming videos. Thanks!

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Dead Space 2 playthrough – sci fi survival horror game

Dead Space 2 playthrough walkthrough gameplay videos

Dead Space 2 playthrough walkthrough gameplay videosSo I’ve been wanting to play a Dead Space game since I first saw a video on youtube a long time ago from the first game showing a bunch of death scenes. I decided to get Dead Space 2 and start playing and I must say this is truly a horror game! Wow it’s just so tense, dark, and creepy! I love it. Follow me as I play through the game.

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Killing zombies in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record gameplay sandbox xbox 360What’s more fun than killing zombies? Killing zombies in crazy outfits! Dead Rising is a really cool game and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record get’s my vote for the crazies zombie game I have ever played. The sandbox mode is a really nice touch. I filmed a few videos of me killing a large number of the walking dead for you to enjoy. Check them out below.

Killing Zombies Part 1

Killing Zombies Part 2

Killing Zombies Part 3

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