“Cannibal Sessions” album by Russ Tafari now on Bandcamp

Cannibal Sessions by Russ Tafari on Bandcamp

Purchase the digital download of “Cannibal Sessions” for $5 on Bandcamp and get 2 bonus tracks included! http://russtafari.bandcamp.com

You can also listen all all other digital outlets!

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Sceptre 50 inch 1080p TV Review Questions Answered

Sceptre 50 inch tv review questions answered

In this video I am answering a bunch of questions about the Sceptre 50 inch 1080p TV model number X505BV-FSR. Also you can find my review here!  and my best picture settings video here!

Q1: What is the refresh rate?
Q2: What is the size of the wall mount?
Q3: Does it have apps or wifi?
Q4: Can I connect my phone to the tv?
Q5: How is the quality of the remote control?
Q6: Is there a coaxial or antenna input?
Q7: How do you get the best sound out of this tv?
Q8: How would I rate the sound, video, and normal functionality?
Q9 Bonus Question: How do I rip DVD and Blu-Ray discs?

Buy the products I talk about in the video here

Sceptre 50 inch TV X505BV-FSR
Mounting Dream MD2413-MX TV Wall Mount  
Disney WOW for TV Calibration 

How to post to Instagram from your computer!

How to post to instagram using a computer
Instagram IG Logo How to post to Instagram on PC

I have found a super easy way to post to IG from a pc using the Google Chrome browser! You can also do it with Mozilla Firefox but in this tutorial I will show you how to do it solely with Chrome. I have created a video showing you the exact steps, but if you don’t want to watch it I will leave the steps listed below the video.

How to post to IG using Chrome

  1. Press CTRL+Shift+I or Right Click and select “Inspect“.
  2. Click “Toggle Device Toolbar” on the top of the Inspect Console.
  3. Choose a device or leave it on Responsive.
  4. Refresh the page by pressing F5.
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How to WIN playing solo in PUBG!

PUBG Tips and Tricks for solo play!

I’m always looking for tips that help me play and win in PUBG one of the games I play frequently. I found a Reddit post laying out some great tips on playing and winning in solo so I thought I would share them with you!


  • Use loudness equalization in your audio driver software. This feature makes quiet noises louder, and while it does increase the volume of ambient noise, it makes hearing distant footsteps and gunshots much easier. I find the volume of the game to be unusually low and this feature boosts the maximum potential volume.
  • Footsteps above you are a different sound than footsteps on the same floor. Get a buddy and test it so you can be sure you know the difference.
  • Gunshot sounds typically have a long audible lifetime, especially for rifles. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing shot location try panning your camera 180° so that the sound plays through different channels.
  • Disable surround sound. It’s not supported and may cause issues locating sounds. Also surround sound headphones/gaming headsets are a gimmick anyway and you should invest in a good pair of stereo, studio quality headphones (I use the Beyerdynamic DT990).
  • Silencers are not very effective close range and in the late game.


  • Buildings can be a deathtrap. It’s very easy for someone to camp you in a building. For this reason, if you decide to camp a building make sure it is as close to the center of the circle as possible. I’ve gotten many kills camping people into buildings that are on the edge of the circle, waiting for them to exit when the circle closes.
  • Shacks are vulnerable to nades, but nade throwing is also risky. Always be prepared to exit the shack and fight someone approaching before they figure out youre in the shack. If you clearly see someone pulling a nade out to throw, quickly exit the shack and engage them. The delay between pulling out a nade, cooking it, throwing it and then pulling a weapon back out is long enough for you to exit and kill them.
  • Camping the edge of the circle has some serious risks. You’re likely to catch stragglers but you are also generally exposed to fire from within the circle. If the circle shifts hard in the opposite direction, you greatly increase your travel distance which increases the risk of dying.
  • Hard cover is always superior to soft cover. Bushes don’t protect you from an 8x scope.


  • If grass doesn’t render out to the person you’re aiming at, that person also can’t see the grass you’re in. Grass draw distance is fixed to the same rate for all players.
  • Smoke grenade particles render randomly on the client side and are therefore unreliable and should be avoided. A player behind smoke on one screen may not be to someone else.


  • The only kill that matters is the last one.
  • Avoid confilct until it becomes necessary.
  • Ask yourself: will taking this fight put me in a better position to win the game? Do I have the ability to disengage? Will making noise draw the attention of other players?
  • You can win games with extremely minimal gear if you play smart, don’t get pressured into unwinnable fights because you think you need better gear.
  • In the final 3, you should avoid conflict unless necessary. It is always ideal to let the other two players fight each other first, even if you think you have a clean shot on someone. This is doubly true if you do not know the location of BOTH players. The final 3 is all about information. Silencers at this range are also useless (excluding the VSS).
  • In the top 10 it is ok to take fights you think you can win, so long as you move to a new position after the fight. You need to check your surroundings and verify that you aren’t at risk of being engaged by a third party after making noise.
  • Pop boosters before you engage or move into a new position if possible. That one tick could be the difference between you suriving a fight or not.


  • Don’t bother. Weapons that spawn in the world are more than enough to win games. Your chances of finding an M24, AWM or M249 do not outweigh the likelihood of you getting killed trying to loot. This obviously doesn’t apply if the crate lands in a very safe position for you.


  • The UMP is one of the best guns in the game and absolutely the best all around SMG, even post-nerf.
  • The Kar98 is comparable to the M24 and will one-shot a level 2 helmet.
  • The Groza is good but probably not worth swapping for an already kitted out AR.
  • The AK has the superior per shot damage and is a beast with a compensator.
  • 5.56 rifles have good bullet travel speed and drop, making them decent discount snipers if you get a 4x or 8x.
  • I never use shotguns because I find them horribly inconsistent with damage output. I’d take any SMG over a shotgun.
  • Pistols are underrated and you can now attach red dots to them.
  • The VSS is very situational but amazing in the late game for grabbing silent kills.
  • M249 is incredible.

The Map

  • Don’t land in big cities. Again, you can win games with less than tier 3 gear if you follow the rest of the advice here.
  • Learn the vehicle spawn locations. Grabbing a vehicle early gives you a huge advantage.
  • There are buildings that do not show up on the map. Learn where they are and try to land there.
  • There are certain cliff walls that can be scaled on foot. This is crucial knowledge if the circle ends at the military island and you want to take a boat to an unexpected location. Also means you can avoid landing on beaches.

General Combat

  • ADS with ARs even at close range. The hipfire spread is really random.
  • SMGs have good hipfire spread at close range.
  • The UMP is surprisingly effrctive at range.
  • You can shoot fairly accurately while going prone at close range.
  • Peek to your right around cover if possible as it reveals less of your body than peeking to the left.
  • Don’t jump in combat.
  • If you run someone over with a vehicle it does no damage to their armor.
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Gaming Dad shirts now available on Etsy!

I just launched my Etsy store and the first product I have available is a Gaming Dads t-shirt! If you would like to check them out in more detail or purchase one you can get one here! They are available in Black and Navy colors!

Gaming Dad Shirt on Etsy

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