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  • Russ Tafari – Killing All Night

    Killing all Night Youtube Audio Killing all Night Instrumental I’ve begun creating songs on the 400+ beats that I’ve made. Killing all Night is the first of those songs. This beat was created way back in April 2018. I hope you enjoy this upbeat song about murder!

  • Russ Tafari instrumentals are on Youtube

    Snapped Instrumental Hunting Time Instrumental The Fog Instrumental In My Dungeon Instrumental Put’em on a shirt Instrumental Kentucky Instrumental Bludgeon Instrumental The Big Idiot Screams Too Much Instrumental Outside Instrumental

  • Beats for sale on Beatstars!

    Beats for sale on Beatstars!

    For those of you that don’t know I produce all of my own work. I make all songs from scratch from the beats on up! I’ve always just stockpiled beats upon beats and never tried to sell them. Now I am releasing beats to anyone that would like to either lease them or buy them…

  • Posted some beat snippets on Instagram

    I’ve been trying to post some snippets of my beats on Instagram and be consistent with it. I have well over 400 beats in my vault so I thought I would share some of them fo my fans to check out. As always these are erie and horror themed! I don’t have any of these…