New song “Put’em on a shirt” out now!

Russ Tafari - Put'em on a shirt

Ahh yes finally after months and months of work on this song it is finally complete! Put’em on a shirt is the last song in a collection of songs that I called “Coffee and Blood Stains”. I released every song as a single but they are all a part of an EP if you will. I’m considering releasing the EP physically as cassettes if this is something that you might be interested in let me know on social media and I will see what I can do.

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Posted some beat snippets on Instagram

I’ve been trying to post some snippets of my beats on Instagram and be consistent with it. I have well over 400 beats in my vault so I thought I would share some of them fo my fans to check out. As always these are erie and horror themed! I don’t have any of these hororcore beats for sale but if your interested you can hit me up on social media and if you make me an offer I may let one go!

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