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Russ Tafari – Killing All Night

Killing all Night Youtube Audio Killing all Night Instrumental I’ve begun creating songs on the 400+ beats that I’ve made. Killing all Night is the first of those songs. This beat was created way back in April 2018. I hope you enjoy this upbeat song about murder!

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Russ Tafari “SNAPPED” out now!

The new song is called “Snapped” and I really put a lot into this one! Several people have told me that this song is the best thing that I have done to date! So that definitely feels good to hear. The cover art was done by a good friend of mine Daniel Henry so big…


Russ Tafari – Kentucky (Song Breakdown) Video Here is a video where I breakdown my song “Kentucky“. If you ever wondered what my project file looks like when I make music here is a taste. I plan on making many more videos like this. Be sure and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Plenty more content will be posted on there. Eat…