Russ Tafari “Cannibal Sessions” now available everywhere!


I have released an album of a lot of my older songs onto all of the digital outlets! You can find a song list below. Stream or Buy “Cannibal Sessions” here!

Cannibal Sessions Song List

  1. Cannibal Mix Part 1
  2. Everyday’s Halloween
  3. Destination ft. Austin Vomit
  4. Ridin’ ft. B Milli
  5. Snort That
  6. Tennessee
  7. King of K-Town ft. Insiniak
  8. Die With Me
  9. French Villa
  10. Sexy Devil
  11. You Can’t See Me
  12. 357
  13. Cannibal Mix Part 2

Get 2 bonus songs when you buy on Bandcamp!

If you buy “Cannibal Sessions” on Bandcamp you will receive 2 bonus tracks! One of which isn’t available anywhere else! Get “Cannibal Sessions” on Bandcamp by clicking here!

Cannibal Sessions by Russ Tafari on Bandcamp